Whether you’re requiring renovations to you’re existing home or innovative ideas for a new home we deliver quality electrical work and paramount service to ensure that you get the best job every time, from the initial design to the complete installation.


There is nothing more important than safety and efficiency in industrial work and we understand this all too well and believe that quality products and superior service is the key.


If it is a new fit out, renovation or a complete new building, We can work to your specifications to complete the project within the required time frame, with our expertise to help you complete the job successfully.


We offer grid connect, custom design and install the system that suits your needs. We complete the installation so you can have peace of mind knowing that if you have any questions you need only make one phone call.


Thermal imaging and preventative maintenance experts from leaky pipes to electrical breakers overload. Thermal imaging can detect hotspots invisible to the naked eye and indicate the presence of faults, Connect Electrical can do all the thermal imaging, supply reports and correct any preventative maintenance works required, why use multiple companies when you can just use one?

​Recommended regular inspections are required in maintaining safe and efficient operation of your equipment and premises.


If you are looking for a split air conditioning system for one room in your home, a ducted air conditioning system or design for the whole house or a solution for your commercial workplace we can provide you with the professional advice you are looking for.